Top 10 Most Unique, Rare, Sexy, Unseen Bikini Designs in the world

Bacon Bikini
The best combination for a man: women in bikini and bacon. It's a win-win situation

Burkini (burqa+bikini)
A burqini (or burkini) swimsuit designed by Australian company Ahiida.

World's Most Expensive Bikini: Diamond Bikini
Would you like to spend U.S. $30 million for a piece of bikini? It sounds crazy but it's true. The glittering $30 million bikini has been created by Susan Rosen with Steinmetz Diamonds.

Dissolvable Bikini
A German company invented this marvelous new bikini that disappears once a girl puts it on and takes a swim.
 Led Bikini
This technology gives birth to a new term as well "Camel Glow". It may be a little inappropriate, but it contains no Nudity.
 Lettuce BikiniPETA
has created a sexy edible fashion for vegetarians; the lettuce bikini. As part of PETA's Lettuce Lady Campaign, vegetarians and PETA supporters are allowing themselves to be adorned in lettuce and photographed for PETA's vegetarian media campaigns and making appearances at PETA events
Pacman Bikini
The ultimate gift for your retro-gaming girlfriend. This Pacman bikini has it all- our favorite part is the ghost hiding at the bottom. Presumably he doesn't want to get eaten.

 Eyelet-Trim bikini 
 Solar Powered Bikini

Bikini with built-in UV meter
This SmartSwim Bikini from Solestrom is the world's first bikini to have a meter built into the fabric. The meter is battery-powered with a lifetime of up to two years; and is waterproof of course! The UV meter displays an intensity “level” of ultra violet intensity on a scale from 0 to 20.The SmartSwim Bikini costs about $170.
Top 10 Most Unique, Rare, Sexy, Unseen Bikini Designs in the world




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