MTV Roadies 9 Contestants from Delhi Auditions Photos: girls from Delhi in roadies 9

Auditions of Hero MTV Roadies 9 has reached to its next destination which is Delhi. Roadies 9 auditions have to get started early in the morning because of the large amount of contestants who gathered for auditions at the Delhi  Thousands of people gathered outside the venue and waited their turn for their auditions. Because of the large amount of contestants for auditions roadies 9 crew members decided to start auditions early in the morning i.e. before 9 a.m their scheduled time.

 Hot girls at Delhi Auditions

 People filling audition forms at Delhi.

 Delhi Girls in Roadies 9

 People outside on the roads waiting for their turn.
Roadies 9 aspirants sitting on the road at Delhi auditions. Thousands of people gathered and were sitting on the roads from last night.




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